Moneyball DFS has partnered with Tackle Childhood Cancer, Inc. to provide fantasy sports as a fundraiser.

Are you looking for a fundraising idea for your club?

Fantasy Sports events are an excellent way to raise money and connect with current and potential supporters. The current health crisis has many organizations looking to safely conduct their fundraising event in 2022. Fantasy Sports is not gambling. Actually, fantasy sports is similar to a charity golf or bowling tournament. A person pays an entry fee to play and a prize is awarded depending on his/her performance.

It is important to have a website for your event for online registrations, payment processing, sponsor recognition, marketing and reports. You can set up your free Moneyball Fantasy Sports Event Website in minutes. We have helped thousands of organizations raise more money with their fundraising fantasy sports event. You can schedule a call with one of our Fantasy Sports Coaches to discuss your event by emailing Fantasy Sports is a very safe, controlled environment and with your Moneyball Fantasy Sports Event website, many transactions and interactions are done online prior to an event.


Social distancing restrictions require non-profits to develop creative alternatives to their traditional events. A “Virtual Fundraiser” is one option that can still help you raise money, engage with your supporters, and maintain social distancing guidelines. A virtual event, if conducted properly, can be both fun and an effective way to raise money.

Fantasy Sports Fundraiser:

  1. The event is held during a specific date range during a sports season. For example, for Football, October 1 - October 15
  2. Setup your event on Moneyball so players can register and pay online. Email us!
  3. Receive you email link so you can email your club so players can play online.
  4. You can sell sponsorships with sponsors receiving recognition on the website, in all communications and during the online awards ceremony.
  5. Once registered, players play an online professional or college football, basketball, or baseball contest. They will receive an email ticket with the contest details.
  6. After the end of the contest, scorecards are electronically tallied to determine who won.
  7. After the final date for your fantasy sports fundraiser, winners are posted and communicated, and “virtual” awards are presented. You can schedule a “Zoom” meeting to reveal results, draw raffle tickets and thank sponsors


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  • Allow Players that win Prizes to Donate
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